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Bio-Resource Center

Bio-Resource Center supplies
quality biological resources in an ethical and fair manner.

We guarantee to provide a broad range of biological resources with high quality preservation techniques.
Bio-Resource service serves the development of biomedical research and development.

Bio-Resource Center (BRC) plays a pivotal role in the translational research support to contribute in activating the clinical and basic medical researches by storing and managing clinical data related to biological resources including tissues, body fluids, cells and blood from human bodies as well as providing them to scientists in an ethical and fair manner. It keeps the 545,000 specimens collected from 125,000 patients with progressive participation and cooperation from diverse departments.

Bio-Resource Center was established in October 2004 in need of the centralized organization responsible for the collection and storage of human samples, management of clinical data and the distribution of data to scientists. It properly stores and manages tissues, blood and bone-marrow remains after the diagnosis, and provides those samples to scientists in accordance with their research purposes. It also contributes to a clinical application of research outcomes and protection of the intellectual property rights.

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