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Human Research Protection Center

Human subjects in any part of the research should be
protected for their ethical rights and safety.
We protect the rights and well-being of human research subjects.

HRPC's primary mission is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of all human research subjects at Asan Medical Center.

Human Research Protection Center (HRPC) was opened in November 2011 to ensure the ethicality of all research conducted at our medical center and all related research centers as well as the protection of all research subjects.

The HRPC operates a global-level program for the protection of research subjects and has been certified by the AAHRPP. Also, the HRPC was the first medical institution to be designated as an educational institution, and continues to nurture research professionals by providing clinical worker education. Moreover, the HRPC contributes to ethical and scientific research conduct by improving the quality of evidence-based research and securing credibility according to international standards that reflect the latest policies and regulations.

Main functions


Management of the Human Research Protection Program and related policies

Consultation on research related issues including laws & regulations, QA, etc.



Acquisition and maintenance of domestic and international accreditations, including AAHRPP
(Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs)



Clinical trials, research ethics, policies, research participants, etc.


Quality Assurance

Internal audits for maintaining research quality

Responding to regulatory authority inspections and sponsor audits



Research participants(including potential participants) and their representatives



Revision and management of SOP(Standard Operation Procedure)

Monitor compliance and violation of clinical research regulations



Administrative support for the Institutional Review Board

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