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Center for Cell Therapy

We will contribute to overcoming incurable diseases through research and development related to cell therapy.

The Center for Cell Therapy is dedicated to research and development of next-generation advanced stem cell therapeutics, establishing a global joint research network and research support infrastructure to contribute to overcoming various incurable diseases.

Dong-Myung Shin
Key Research Area
Development of stem cell therapy,
Mitochondrial disease,
Development of extracellular vesicle treatment
Research Goal
Guidance and Support

The Center for Cell Therapy was established in October 2015 to contribute to overcoming incurable diseases through research and development related to cell therapy.

Stem cells can differentiate into various tissues of the body and can be applied to treatments such as damaged tissue regeneration, so stem cell regenerative medicine research and development is attracting worldwide attention as a promising core technology in the future. Korea ranks in the top 10 in the world in terms of stem cells and regenerative medicine technology, and it is expected to secure world-class competitiveness if sustained investments from governments and institutions are effectively supported.

The Center for Cell Therapy has detailed goals such as establishing a network between researchers, operating an clean room facility, and activating stem cell research in hospitals by establishing a stem cell distribution system, and intends to cooperate in the research and development of clinical application of researchers.

Asan Medical Center is equipped with the best clinical capabilities, research resources, and research facilities, and the stem cell field has been designated as a priority support project for research-oriented hospitals, providing a foothold to take a further leap forward.

The Center for Cell Therapy will lead the development of safe and effective treatments through close communication with researchers related to the development of in-hospital cell treatments in accordance with the enforcement of the Advanced Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Biopharmaceutical Safety Support Act in August 2020. Please watch with great interest.

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