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Biomedical Research Center

Biomedical Research helps enrich the health and welfare of our society.

Biomedical Research Center was established in 1990 along with Asan Medical Center, and has carried out outstanding basic research and disease controlling models. Scientists in Biomedical Research Center are helping people live well beyond expectation.

In 1990, Biomedical Research Center was established with the birth of Asan Medical Center to explore various human diseases based on scientific knowledge and eventually, to find ways to improve the quality of healthcare.

Since its establishment, the center has shown outstanding achievements in diverse fields of basic life science research using pathological and epidemiological approaches to develop novel methods to treat and diagnose diseases. Moreover, the center has been actively exchanging human resources and scientific knowledge in collaboration with other research institutes.
Having rich clinical resources from Asan Medical Center, a premier healthcare provider in Korea, Biomedical Research Center has the best opportunity of translating scientific knowledge into patient care, and vice versa.
To lead innovation in life science research, Biomedical Research Center will continuously ensure qualified research system, welcome outstanding scholars and provide trainings to foster the best research professionals.

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