R&D Divisions
Conducting high-quality research in optimized environments
Biomedical Engineering Research Center

To be the role model in patient-focused
medical engineering research.

We will exploit new areas of advanced science and technology by collaborating with various industries through cross-cutting research activities.
Aims the development of novel bioindustry through the open innovation in biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering Research Center aims on contribute on the society through the development of medical welfare and industry as well as R&D and commercialization of medical appliances, biomaterials, data management system, technologies and appliances for medical education using the hospital-oriented open biomedical science.

The center takes a quick action on unmet clinical needs in real medical environment in cooperation with animal lab, training center, Biomedical Research Center and Clinical Research Center. On the basis of the medical platform in Asan Medical Center, it has a systematic protocols that creates intellectual property and develop the medicine through Rapid Prototyping, technology transfer and commercialization. With such efforts and systems, the center aims to be the hub of the pre-clinical and clinical test on medical appliances.

Biomedical Engineering Research Center

Main Task
The center aims the development of medical appliances, robotics, biomaterials and new medical industry through the hospital-oriented open bio-medical science technology.
Research activities
Development of clinical applications by open network and discovering advanced technologies in biomedical science.
Biomedical Engineering Research Center
Medical Appliances - Diagnostic medical devices : imaging, endoscopy
- Treatment devices : surgical robotics, interventional robotics, surgical instruments
- Rehabilitation equipment
Medical Information - Medical imaging
- Medical information
- U-Health
Educational Appliances - Simulator
- Educational appliances
Biomaterials - Artificial internal organ development
- Stent development
Technical Support - Bio-medical engineering
- Training Center
Administrative Support - International cooperation
- Performance management
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