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Big Data Research Center

Healthier Future with Medical Big Data

The Big Data Research Center strives to lead the future healthcare by effectively and safely utilizing the healthcare big data,
improving patient safety, reducing hospital and national medical costs, actualizing value-based treatment,
and contributing to disease treatment and health promotion.

The Big Data Research Center at Asan Medical Center was founded in January 2017 to generate medical big data of global-level quality and to seek ways to effectively manage and safely utilize such data. The center provides technical support for utilizing and applying clinical and research information, regulatory consultation for relevant legal and ethical issues, and guidance on establishing open collaboration platforms for data utilization.

By establishing an open innovation platform that supports the connection among research partners such as researcher-company-investor, we are pursuing the concept of open innovation R&D through which the efficiency and effectiveness of human and material resources can be maximized and the multitude of current medical issues can be solved through collaborative networks.

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