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Clinical Research Center

CRC will grow into the hub of clinical research with the global competitiveness!

Clinical Research Center has been devoted to strengthening the researchers' abilities and enhancing the quality of research outcomes.
Clinical research serves to improve the quality and longevity of human life expectancy.

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Asan Institute for Life Sciences was opened on the first day of October 2011 in order to raise the quality of clinical research at Asan Medical Center. The CRC has put efforts on strengthening the competency of researchers, establishing the infrastructure of clinical research and research support (research design, statistics, and information), obtaining globally accepted reliability, setting up strategic organizations (ARO and Phase I Unit), securing research resources (Bio-Resource Center), and supporting the Protocol Review & Monitoring Committee (PRMC).

The CRC currently has 6 divisions (Scientific Publications Team [SPT], Research Education, PRMC, Data and Safety Monitoring Committee [DSMC], Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Research Examinations) as well as the Clinical Trial Center, which conducts the highest number of clinical trials of the best quality in Korea, and the Research Support Team.

The Asan Institute for Life Sciences was founded in June 1990 under the mission statement of Asan Medical Center?“To contribute to healthy life of humans with unwavering passion and to pursue the highest quality care in an environment of intensive research and excellent medical education”. 22 years later, the CRC was launched in 2011 to function as a hub in research and patient care with global competitiveness, and more than 360 researchers are making long-term plans and conducting everyday research to realize that goal.

Through the 30 years of clinical experience gained through Asan Medical Center, the CRC will continue to establish a system of basic-translational-clinical research, make its R&D to be self-reliable, and bolster its education program in clinical research. By doing so, the CRC will strive to suggest a new standard for disease management, develop preventive technologies, and commercialize the biotechnology industry so that the CRC may function independently in the near future.

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