R&D Divisions
Conducting high-quality research in optimized environments
Clinical Trial Center

CTC will lead the clinical trial into the level of global standards by
making research-friendly environment.

CTC will make an effort to raise the level of clinical trials in Korea by
providing the optimal research environment and infrastructure to researchers.
Leading Human-focused research. "AMC Clinical Trial Center is always with you.”

Mission : Contribute to the development of innovative drugs and the improvement of health of mankind by systematically conducting clinical trials according to global standards with the highest level of professionalism.

Vision : A center that functions as a global role model in leading the innovation and development of the clinical trial field, and a clinical trial platform recognized as the best partner by clients and researchers both domestic and overseas. .

Main Function
Clinical research ward
Systematic support for early-phase clinical trials through research-oriented facility and global-level professional personnel
Clinical research center ward (healthy volunteer): 24 beds
Clinical research ward (patients): 15 beds
Early-phase clinical trial
Types of research support
  • Research Coordinators
  • Medical equipment management
  • Drug analysis and sample storage
  • Consulting for pre-clinical and early-phase clinical trials
  • Research contract
  • Research participation
  • Drug management
  • Clinical trial data management
  • ARO(Academic Research Office)
  • AIM (Asan Image Metrics)
  • Research funding
  • Research examination
Clinical Trial Center Shortcut